I hope you had a safe, relaxing holiday. Last week we focused on refining our Weekly Organizing Outreach Program (WOOP) and our Recruitment Campaign (RC) as we continue to develop membership and build the strength of our Union. This included:

  • We identified and met with members who will be developing and administering the WOOP, working with staff assigned to the program, and finalizing the first stages of our new process. 
  • Additionally, we focused on clarifying an organizational structure that will best allow staff to assist member leaders who are assigned to the RC.  
  • We will be holding a standing Tuesday morning staff meeting across the state, with the purpose of planning and facilitating the WOOP work statewide.
  • This new structure and the work of our three Vice Presidents — David Jimenez, Anica Walls, and Irene Green — will help to effectively move Local 1000 forward on developing our weekly program to build power, membership, and position our Union to win for you.

With bargaining on the horizon and your demands clear, I have been working to address the specific needs that building a stable bargaining platform requires: a strong, organized membership focused on fighting for the pay and working conditions they deserve. 

The weekly program will be an important part of this fight, ensuring that new members and existing member leaders alike will all have a role to play in the next few months.

Thank you for supporting our efforts.





William (Bill) Hall
Board Chair, SEIU Local 1000