Due to our busy schedule, this report will cover the last two weeks of events at SEIU Local 1000, during which time we have continued to do our best to serve you by building up for bargaining and kicking off our Membership Drive.


I planned, prepared for and conducted a special Board of Directors Meeting, where I shared our progress on the Membership Drive planning and strategy with the BOD.

Additionally, I attended our Political Strategy meeting to discuss how to be more politically effective in regards to our contract. I also met with our Finance Team to discuss our work on the Membership Drive.

Our Strategy Team received an enlightening, in-depth analysis of the preliminary results from the polling of members and nonmembers.  This was followed by a thoughtful question and answer session, where we learned that around 40% of our nonmembers are interested in joining Local 1000.


Due to my commitments to the DLC Membership Tour, Straight Talk will be off the air while I am traveling the state in August and early September. In the meantime, we’re working to share the results of the tour with you.

Last week I had an interview with the Sacramento News & Review that resulted in an interesting and informative article. You can read it here.

California Labor Federation

On Friday, July 22, I met with DLC Membership leaders to plan, schedule, and train for the California Labor Federation meeting next Tuesday and Wednesday.

The biennial California Labor Federation met for two days last week. The importance of our strong political efforts was on display at this conference, which offered education, debate, and voting on issues that impact workers statewide.  By the end of the meeting, labor’s political agenda was set for the November elections. Our political staff did an excellent job assisting us on site, guiding our member leaders through the process and creating a positive experience.


Over the last two weeks, I participated in two Bargaining Team meetings on Essential Worker Pay (EWP). We are currently negotiating with the State over their failure to offer EWP beyond a one-time $1500 bonus to a very limited group of people who worked in defined health care settings during the pandemic, which does not address most of the workers we represent. With no agreement signed, your Bargaining Team and union are in talks with the State to set the next date to meet on this high priority issue. 

Membership Kickoff Event

On July 28, 2022, we held our Membership Drive Kickoff event. Mary-Kay Henry and Heather Conroy, our SEIU International leadership, gave presentations to our members along with the Local 1000 leadership team.  We had strong participation across the state, and the event exceeded the goals we set when planned. Special thanks go out to all the staff that participated in the planning and attended Thursday evening’s event.

Following our kickoff event, on Friday July 29th we held an all-staff meeting to share the union’s plan as we move into our Membership Drive organizing effort with the leadership team on the road.

Thank you for your support. I look forward to seeing many of you during our DLC Membership Tour starting this week!





William (Bill) Hall
Board Chair, SEIU Local 1000