As a result of our statewide DLC Tour, I am again reporting about the last two weeks of events at SEIU Local 1000. During this time, I have been at worksites across the state with the three Vice Presidents as we work with you to develop our power and build up for bargaining with our Membership Drive.

Statewide DLC Membership Tour

  • Our statewide tour began last week in the Los Angeles area. Our first event at Metropolitan State Hospital saw myself and the three VPs meet with state workers in a very successful inaugural stop.
  • Thank you to DLC 723, Steve Alari, the E-board, and membership for their support and participation as well as coordinating lunch for all attendees.
  • This week the leadership is spread across the state at various departments to maximize our ability to cover various worksites.

Listening to Membership

  • I have been collecting feedback and insight from workers we spoke with during the last two weeks of visits. Some of your top overall concerns include:
  • Inflation is really taking a toll on Local 1000 represented workers
  • Essential Worker Pay is asked about across the union regardless of classification
  • Many work place offices have poor ventilation, filtration, and circulation

Unit or Classification specific issues that have been raised include:

  • Correctional Case Records Analysts (CCRAs) expressed their issues and concerns going back to 2008 and want them addressed
  • Case Records Technicians (CRTs) asked about the reclass process
  • Workloads and duties for institutional kitchen staff in Unit 15 have increased with poorly maintained and/or improper equipment to do their work
  • Pharmacy Technicians are paid less than Psychiatric Technicians to do the same work, with additional duties due to staffing shortages
  • Unit 15 service workers at Porterville are being required to have 240 hours of CTO on the books before they will receive paid overtime

Overall, I hear members describe over and over how the state—our employer—delays responses to us, works to distract and divide us, pits us against each other and demoralizes all of us. The use of “the 4 Ds” is a problem that we can solve by sticking together and keeping open communication throughout the union.

Wednesday Member Off Program

Work on the Wednesday member off program continues while the leadership team is on the road. Union leave is currently being requested for participating members.

Thank you for your support. I look forward to speaking with many of you as we continue to make our worksite visits on the DLC Membership Tour!






William (Bill) Hall
Board Chair, SEIU Local 1000