• The SEIU Local 1000 Board of Directors met last Thursday evening and voted to move recommended actions passed by the Committee on Political Education (COPE). The political endorsements, along with contributions from the COPE funds, are part of the political program our members voluntarily support.
    • As Board Chair, I am moving work forward on the “Committee on the Future of Local 1000”, in preparation for the October 29, 2022, Board Meeting on this subject. More information and opportunities for participation will follow as the committee work plan is developed by the Local 1000 Board of Directors. The current timeline calls for the committee work to be completed by June 30, 2023.
    • The three Vice Presidents and I meet with SEIU International leadership on a regular basis regarding the resource agreement.  This includes a discussion last Friday afternoon focused on the continued infighting amongst the leadership and the Board of Directors, which is hurting both Local 1000 and our members. 
    • It is critically important for us to work together as we move through the November election in order to continue building momentum toward our 2023 contract negotiations. Our employer, the State of California, will exploit our weaknesses. Internal strife and conflicts divide and prevent us from working together.  Our employer will also exploit low membership and lack of member contract action. All of us must act together with a single-minded focus if we are to improve our wages and preserve our benefits, and I am fully committed to do so!
    • Our Local 1000 staff works everyday on issues related to our contract to represent and protect your rights. They are trained professionals who work with our members when and where representation is needed.  It is not acceptable for any member to treat any staff person disrespectfully at any time under any circumstance. Regardless how angry, frustrated or scared you may be, you need to communicate with respect and decorum, especially if doing so via email. As members, we must treat others as we expect to be treated.

    Thank you for your support.




    William (Bill) Hall
    Board Chair, SEIU Local 1000