It was another busy week at SEIU Local 1000. I’ve included a short recap of our efforts to implement initiatives that serve you:

Building Membership

  • Local 1000 membership for the week of May 2 was up by 166. We welcome each of our new members to the union and thank our staff organizers, member leaders, and campaign staff from SEIU International who’ve been very helpful around developing member recruitment plans and putting the right staffing strategies in place to move the program forward.

2023 Contract Campaign

  • Local 1000 held our spring Statewide Bargaining Advisory Committee (SBAC) meeting last weekend. Members had an opportunity to strategize together and received collective bargaining training on Saturday, and along with Vice Presidents David Jimenez, Anica Walls, and Irene Green, I participated in a question-and-answer session. This gave the leadership team an opportunity to hear from our SBAC leaders on a number of different collective bargaining related issues, during which I shared my vision for a successful 2023 contract campaign.

Member Engagement

  • We spent a good deal of time last week engaging with our membership via emails and phone conversations. We prioritized outreach efforts to several DLC presidents and had a number of insightful, productive conversations.

Traveling on a Limited Tab

  • I spent four days on my state job for Caltrans last week, which meant traveling throughout California, staying in hotels, and eating on the State mandated meal allotment. Anyone who travels for work for our state knows that the meal reimbursement rate is unreasonably low, particularly in a high-cost state like California. A sampling of my meal costs included:   
    • My breakfast bills averaged $22, not including the tip. Our current reimbursement is $7, plus $2 for the tip.
    • My lunch bills ranged from $10 to $22. The current reimbursement allowance is $11.
    • Dinner ran from $22 to $25. Our current reimbursement rate is $23.00 plus a $2 tip.

Many of us are feeling the same pinch, and we will be working together to get it fixed.

As always, I appreciate your support,





William (Bill) Hall
Board Chair, SEIU Local 1000