While the focus of Local 1000 has shifted to our 2023 Contract Campaign, we must acknowledge California is again at the center of horrific news of workplace violence. We’ll face many challenges this year — a $25 billion budget gap, a State administration that speaks of protecting workers but overlooks its own workers in compensation and income equality — but we all must stand together to support our union brothers and sisters who have experienced these devastating events. Across the State, there are 23 Central Labor Councils (CLCs) in California. These regional coordinating bodies bring together unions from across occupations and industries to work together to take action on local and statewide issues and to support their communities. Working together with our labor allies, we can make workplaces safer and make sure that every worker can safely return to their families each evening — respected, protected, and properly paid.

Most of this week was spent in support of and preparation for the Bargaining Town Hall Meetings along with the Contract Campaign team development.

The first Town Hall for our Contract Campaign was held in Sacramento on Saturday, January 21. Hundreds attended to voice their support for our negotiations, give their input, and sign up to assist and connect with our workers during bargaining. The event was hosted by Vice President of Bargaining Irene Green and featured all nine Bargaining Unit presidents. Our officers and Bargaining Team hope to see even more local members at the next in person Town Hall this Saturday, January 28, at 4101 Willow Street, Long Beach, CA 90815.

You can participate in this process too — by attending a town hall in your area, or completing a bargaining survey here.

Additional planning is in progress for several upcoming events:

  • March 17-19: Board of Directors Meeting
  • March 20:        Lobby Day

We begin the process of preparing for a Board Meeting immediately after a Board meeting is over. As we move to our first in-person meeting since the pandemic, and plan to allow both in person and remote attendance. We want to ensure that all attendees can participate in a meaningful and substantial way. The process of developing a successful meeting is time consuming and takes the full attention from our team of officers and staff.

All the officers are working very hard to make 2023 a year that proves our Union can work together, deliver new respect, protections, and the pay we know that you earn every day. Join us in our Contract Campaign. We appreciate your help.





William (Bill) Hall
Board Chair, SEIU Local 1000