On Wednesday, we began negotiations with the State for a new contract.

And now, it’s up to you. The strength of our membership will ultimately decide whether we get the pay increase we deserve, better working conditions and benefits.

If you’re not a member of Local 1000, you’re sending a message to the State that you will accept whatever they offer. It rests with you that so many state workers are struggling to make ends meet, that 35% of our represented employees don’t earn enough to support a family of four, and 70% can’t support themselves and one child.

It’s not enough to stand idle while others are doing their share to win a good contract.

Thousands of members invested their time to come to town halls and complete bargaining surveys to share their contract priorities with our bargaining team.

Every Wednesday, members across the state are Purpling Up to demonstrate their commitment to a good contract and to make the demand to the State to respect us, protect us, and pay us. Believe me, the State watches us. And when we stand together, they take notice.

Our bargaining team and statewide bargaining representatives are doing their part, too. They are members who have made a commitment to win a contract that reflects the priorities of the state workers we represent.

In the past handful of months, nearly 3,000 state workers joined the Local 1000 family. Many told me they became members because they wanted to do what’s necessary to win a good contract.

We are all looking for a substantial pay raise in this contract. The way to win that is through a strong membership. This is YOUR Union, not “the union.” There is no such thing as a free ride.

There’s real truth in our slogan, “Stronger Together.” Join Local 1000, or ask your coworkers to join, and let’s work together to win a great contract.

In Solidarity,





William (Bill) Hall
Board Chair, SEIU Local 1000