We’ve had a particularly busy week as we continue our work for you and SEIU Local 1000. I’m pleased to share some of our recent successes:

Board of Directors

On Monday, June 13, the Board reached the end of our three-day Board Meeting, during which we made significant changes to protect member’s rights and saw support to move our organizing efforts forward. This included voting to end officer stipends, improving our recall language, and creating our first ever weapons policy to ensure a safe working environment.

We are also creating an Ad Hoc Policy File Committee to be led by member leaders Theresa Taylor, Ruth Ibarra, Bobby Roy, Francina Stevenson, and Nicole Solovskoy, all of whom will help provide a broad perspective on our ongoing work.

The committee’s purpose is to review and clean up existing language, support recent changes in language by the Board, and to review motions for Board meetings. Together, these measures will help us develop more consistent language in motions presented to the Board for consideration and adoption.

With the help of our Contracts Department, we’re also establishing a leave program for our Bargaining Unit Chairs. After discussions with David Jimenez, Vice President / Secretary-Treasurer, we filed the union leave requests with the various state departments.

Last Friday, after these important changes had been made, I debriefed with IT on ways we can continue to improve the format for our September Board of Directors Meeting. 


We are now holding weekly meetings regarding our Worksite Organizing Outreach Program (WOOP). Every Wednesday, Union leaders, stewards, and staff are visiting worksites across the state to meet with our represented employees and discuss issues from bargaining and working conditions to the benefits of membership.

Last evening, Bargaining Unit 1 Chair Susan Rodriguez joined me on Straight Talk, our Wednesday evening Q & A with members. Next Wednesday, June 29, we’ll welcome Bargaining Unit 21 Chair Bobby Roy Dalton, so be sure to tune in. And remember, if you can’t make it, you can always view a recording of the show here. 

Last Thursday, I met with new Local 1000 advisors Eliseo Medina and Scott Washburn, on loan from SEIU International, along with the Executive Leadership team, to discuss our plans for the New Employee Orientation (NEO), member recruitment, and WOOP.  We’re pleased to welcome Eliseo and Scott and benefit from their expertise.

Thank you for your support.






William (Bill) Hall
Board Chair, SEIU Local 1000