Unit 15 CDCR/CCHCS Food Service JLMC Meeting


On Wednesday, March 8, 2023, our Union’s Bargaining Unit 15 Statewide CDCR/CCHCS Food Service JLMC met with CalHR, CDCR, and CDCR-CCHCS to address issues CDCR and CDCR-CCHCS Food Service Workers are experiencing across the state. We covered the following issues:

  • Revisited issues with cross-covering
  • Concerns w/ the handling of redirecting work posts
  • Raised how low pay is impacting the ability to hire well qualified CSCs
  • Discussed uniform requirements
  • Asked about differences between men’s prison compared to a women’s prison and how this might impact CSCs  

We are continuing to address issues with cross-covering and redirecting posts and are hoping for more concrete answers from CDCR and CDCR-CCHCS.

“We asked a lot of difficult questions and management struggled to find the correct responses.” – Everett Steinman, CDCR Steward

We need CSCs across the state to be proactive in addressing issues at your local institution. Please contact the Unit 15 email inbox with your concerns at unit15@seiu1000.org

The CDCR Food Service JLMC team is led by Garth Underwood along with Brent Andrews, Ashleymarie Bermudez, Everett Steinman, and Kevin Quaife. To learn more about your CDCR Food Service JLMC Team, please go to www.seiu1000.org