2021 Year in Review – 10 Point Plan
President Richard Louis Brown’s 10-Point Plan for a Stronger Union


Our efforts to build a stronger union with a focus on labor representation and contract enforcement is guided by President Brown’s 10-point platform, commitments made during the campaign process, and principles driving our evolution away from the long-standing status quo.

“As the leader of the largest public sector union in the great state of California I will NOT be bullied by this current Governor regarding the violation of our legally bargained contract! We are a true labor union that protects all of its represented employees equally.” – President Richard Louis Brown


  • Create new financial spending (NO POLITICS & NON-GERMANE ACTIVITIES).  This includes SEIU Local 1000 staff FINALLY getting guaranteed medical retirement benefits-end the hypocrisy!!
  • Eliminate SALARY STIPENDS & TIME REQUIREMENTS for ALL volunteer elected positions!
  • Create a two-term limit for ALL volunteer elected positions.
  • Create a single Union membership class where ALL have the same voting rights and job stewardship regardless of paying status. 
  • Create transparent accountability by publishing ALL questions along with the answers on a new Union secured website available to ALL represented employees!
  • Create guaranteed enforceable Union contracts by finally hiring a TEAM of college-educated experienced professional labor negotiators to aggressively fight for substantial compensation (21%) that includes GEOpay and COLA for everyone.
  • Create trust and accountability through videotaping 1) the entire voting process (printing, mailing, opening and counting envelopes with their ballots) and 2) quarterly General Councils/BOD meetings.
  • Eliminate the 3.5% OPEB-CERBT deduction from our paychecks!
  • Create and use a strike fund to support lengthy contract negotiations.
  • Create a new, independent Local 1000 identity.