Contract Enforcement for our Represented Members is a Top Priority


Having a strong union means having the power to protect our rights and enforce our contract, and our online search tool allows our members easy-to-use access to the hundreds of contract articles that govern our wages, benefits and working conditions.

Are you looking for information about vacation accrual? Rules regarding sick leave? How to take advantage of upward mobility programs in your department? The answers are just a click away at

This powerful tool offers users the opportunity to search by simple key words or to read through the contract article-by-article.

Understanding and protecting our hard-earned rights is both a benefit and a responsibility we all share. And when management fails to observe our rights, our members, job stewards, and our Union Resource Center work together to ensure the contract is enforced.

Here are two examples of wins we achieved for our members:

SEIU Local 1000 fought back when a CDCR teacher with Type 1 diabetes and other medical conditions sought continued telework as a reasonable accommodation, after it was ended for most teachers. Our represented employee was at greater risk of serious complications if they contracted COVID, and the Union fought back by filing complaints at SPB and EEOC when their request was denied. After being fully vaccinated against COVID, the member felt able to safely return to the worksite but had used up a lot of paid leave time. The case was settled with the worker receiving a lump sum of $15,000 in compensation for used leave time.

When the State unreasonably refused to provide COVID-related reasonable accommodations for one of our represented employees—an OT with asthma—who was accommodated through July with telework. The worker then received a new duty statement requiring her to come into the office for tasks others could easily handle such as checking incoming and outgoing mail. The change in duties seemed to violate a prior 2015 DFEH settlement. The member went on disability retirement while the case was pending and it was settled with a lump sum payment of $1,750 to the worker.

If you feel your rights are being violated, contact your local job steward, or Call the Member Resource Center (MRC) at 866.471.SEIU (7348).