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Why Do State Workers Deserve a Raise?


SEIU Local 1000 workers are asking the state of California for a 30% raise over three years. Why? Because many of our workers, such as Norma Murillo, a Staff Services Analyst for the Dept. of Justice, have to resort to getting food from the Salvation Army in order to feed their families. 

Manuel Hurtado, another SEIU Local 1000 member, spoke to CalMatters about his situation.

The UC Berkeley Labor Center also published an independent report citing that two-thirds (69%) of SEIU Local 1000 workers would be unable to support themselves and one child on their own at their present wage.

No full-time employee, especially one who works for a state with the world’s fourth-largest economy, should be forced to live in poverty or work several jobs just to make ends meet.

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