Moving Forward with New Leadership: It’s a new day for SEIU Local 1000


Since the three vice presidents suspended president RL Brown, your member-elected Board of Directors acted to reform the governance of SEIU Local 1000. Now, your leadership team is back to work building unity and strength.

Over the last two weeks, during two separate Facebook Live forum/Zoom calls hundreds of Local 1000 members told us that it’s time to move forward and get back to business.

We heard you, and we agree. 

We are laser-focused on fighting for what matters to you: better wages, essential worker pay, dignity in the workplace, leadership development, economic and racial justice for all, and a telework agreement with the California Department of Human Resources that makes sense.

Every day, in worksites up and down California, members like you are struggling with staffing shortages, high workloads, COVID-related health and safety issues, and disrespectful management.

That’s why we are going to enforce our contract and lead campaigns that make the day-to-day easier.

We will make decisions that enable the leaders and staff of this Union to organize more state workers to join SEIU Local 1000.

We know you are counting on us to build an effective, strong, unified membership that will have the power to make our lives better. The leaders of Local 1000—Board Chair Bill Hall, and Vice Presidents David Jimenez, Anica Walls, and Irene Green are committed to working together bringing about the positive change and transparency you deserve and demand.

In the weeks ahead, we will be providing continual updates on our work and, rest assured, we will be transparent about the progress we are making. 

The 100,000 employees represented by Local 1000 are invited to join us in that commitment to progress. We are Stronger Together.