Union Governance in Action: Highlights from the March 19 Board of Directors’ Meeting A message from Board Chair Bill Hall


A March 19 emergency/special Board of Directors (BOD) meeting was held to address time-sensitive business and to set the union on a clear path. The goal was, and is, to improve the day-to-day lives of our members.

Here are some highlights of what was accomplished by your Board of Directors at that meeting:

  • The Board approved the hiring of a CFO (Chief Financial Officer), filling a critical vacancy within SEIU Local 1000 to ensure proper administration of the membership dues entrusted to us to manage.
  • Established BOD meeting dates for the remainder of the year. The BOD will meet on April 23, 2022, and will determine meeting dates in the months of June, September and December.
  • Steven Alari (President, DLC 723) was appointed as the Chair of the Committee on Political Education (COPE). The COPE Committee is vital to our success: it promotes union voter registration drives, encourages membership participation in grass-roots campaigns, propositions, legislation, candidate recommendations, and other issues.
  • SEIU Local 1000 rejoined the SEIU California State Council. Reengaging with SEIU State Council promotes our union’s ongoing endorsement process to choose who we will support for local, regional, and statewide offices. Local 1000 has had a seat at the State Council table for over a decade and looks forward to again fighting for you by optimizing this resource.
  • Chris Brackett, Controller for SEIU Local 1000, presented financial statements for 2020 and 2021 covering Local 1000’s income and expenses. The BOD approved an interim budget for 120 days or until a permanent budget can be approved. This presentation was informative to the BOD in their responsibility of protecting the hard-working members’ dues and to ensure future decision-making aligns with our fiduciary obligations to our members.

Our Local 1000 staff is working hard for you. There are many important things to accomplish, and staff has posted the ratified Bylaws and Policy File on our website here. We will be posting BOD meeting agendas and meeting minutes as well. I just ask for your understanding and patience as we go forward.

I encourage each member to reach out to their DLC President to get involved locally or if they have any questions or concerns. For our new members, each District Labor Council (DLC) is a local chapter of Local 1000. Think of a DLC as direct leaders for your worksite. DLC Leaders are responsible for moving union programs, engaging members, and building the power of our union in each local area. There are 51 District Labor Councils within SEIU Local 1000, and each DLC president sits on the Local 1000 governing board — the Board of Directors. For additional DLC information click here.





William (Bill) Hall
SEIU Local 1000, Board Chair