Our contract contains hundreds of provisions that govern our wages, working conditions, and benefits. Those hard-won rights are protected and enforced by members and staff, including our job stewards, our Member Resource Center, and our Union Resource Center. If you have an issue or believe your rights are being violated, contact your workplace steward and let’s work together to solve your issues. Here are some recent examples of members working with their union to win!

WIN — Member’s Mishandled and Untrue Counseling Memo Reversed

Recently, a supervisor presented one of our members at DVA/Yountville with a counseling memo. The supervisor denied our member union representation and demanded an immediate signature. The actions referenced in the memo were untrue.

Our URC representative investigated and secured written statements from witnesses referenced in the memo that denied the allegations made by the supervisor. We demanded the memo be removed from the supervisor’s file, and our member’s personnel file, and that Local 1000 be notified when it was completed—otherwise, a formal complaint would be filed.

Within two hours, the supervisor notified our member at DVA that the memo had been rescinded.

WIN — Out-of-Class Pay Restored

Our Central Valley member was working out of class (OOC) as a Health Records Tech 2 and was denied OOC pay and experience due to a clerical error by the department head.

The department head attempted to short-change our member by extending her OOC but only paying her for the time she worked during the extension. The URC was contacted and had multiple discussions with the department head and labor relations, and we won a grievance at the first level for our members. The correct back pay was paid and our member is being paid properly and gaining experience credit.

You can learn more about your rights and read your contract online – it’s mobile-friendly and searchable! – at contract.seiu1000.org

If you feel your rights have been violated, contact your job steward, or call the SEIU Local 1000 Member Resource Center (MRC) at 866.471.SEIU (7348).