Unit 1 Recruitment and Retention Committee 

Recruitment and Retention (R&R) Committee Article 5.17.1 is an important win for SEIU Local 1000 employees represented in Unit 1. The purpose of the language is to provide an avenue for the State and the Union to jointly come to a consensus on recruitment and retention issues that are impacting a classification and to jointly create a report. 

The language allows for 10 classifications to be discussed per calendar year. The goal of the report is for the 10 classifications to have a joint review and outline of the identified R&R issue to identify and discuss the possible solutions, both short and long term. The report is given/sent to the Director of Cal HR. The director of Cal HR will then determine the next steps for a particular classification.

Please find the link to the Recruitment and Retention Process for SEIU Local 1000 Flowchart here.

R&R applications are now closed. 

The Unit 1 R&R Committee would like to extend a thank you to all Unit 1 employees that submitted an application or attended one of our Informational Sessions related to this process. 

Our Unit 1 R&R Committee is now working on reviewing these applications and determining which 10 classifications will be chosen to move forward in the next phase of the process. 

As decisions are made, members of our R&R Committee will reach out to applicants. You can find more information about the process overall on our SEIU Local 1000 website. 

If you have questions about this process, please direct them to the Unit 1 team at RandRUnit1@seiu1000.org