On January 13, 2022, SEIU Local 1000 issued a Cease and Desist to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) for its negligent handling of the Omicron surge at its Field Offices across the state of California. Local 1000 discovered through numerous reports and complaints that DMV has approximately 120 reported outbreaks in Field Offices since the end of December 2021.

Despite these staggering reports, DMV continues to ignore its obligations to maintain in place Covid-19 protocols.  Employees across the state have reported that DMV Field Office management is ignoring sanitation and masking procedures. They have failed to allow employees time to clean desk shields and work areas. Field Office managers have failed and refused to require customers to adhere to mask or social distance requirements, limit in person services, or reduce the number of persons allowed in lobby areas. In addition, ventilation, cleaning, and air quality measures have been largely ignored by management. DMV management must account for these failures.

To read our Cease and Desist letter, click here.