Our efforts to fight for social and economic justice for workers—and all Californians—has led to a number of bills becoming law this legislative season that will change the lives of our members, our families. and our communities.

We maximize our impact at the Capitol by first electing lawmakers who share our values. and we build powerful alliances with other unions and community partners to fight for issues that impact working families.

Local 1000 supported three Assembly bills (AB 1, AB 12, and AB 800) by filing position letters in support, providing support statements during policy committee hearings, and filing signature request letters to Governor Newsom. Here’s a closer look at these three legislative wins:

AB 1 (McKinnor) Collective bargaining: legislature 

Gives legislative employees who are not supervisors, such as aides, committee staff, and communications representatives, the ability to form a union

AB 12 (Haney) Tenancy: security deposits

Limits amount landlords can require for a security deposit to one-month rent

AB 800 (Ortega) Workplace Readiness Week

Mandates public high schools to teach students about their rights at work and the process of joining or forming unions

SB 40 is a bill that funds the operational budget for the State Bar, our newest bargaining unit. It was the Union leaders at the State Bar who led the charge with their advocacy and willingness to engage in the process. They partnered with the legislative team to meet with Assembly and Senate Judiciary Committee leadership to emphasize how, given the contract that our Local 1000-represented bargaining units ratified in December of 2022, critical ongoing funding is needed for the operations of the State Bar.

SB 40 (Umberg) State Bar: annual licensing fee bill

Ensures continued funding for the State Bar’s operational costs and guarantees that any net proceeds from the sale of the Bar’s San Francisco office can be used on Local 1000-represented employee salaries