Use this form to report incidents of alleged interference with union membership or union activity by the state.  Local 1000 will review this form to determine whether further investigation of the incident is warranted.

So that Local 1000 may make this determination, please complete this form in its entirety.  A representative of Local 1000 may reach out to you if additional information is needed.

Please know that Local 1000 will keep your name confidential and will not use your name without your prior consent.

Examples of Reportable State Interference:

If you hear a manager say…

“You don’t have to sit in this NEO,”

…or comment on SEIU activities…

“Don’t join those purple freaks”

…or attempt to restrict you from using your union rights…

“We’re not going to let you grieve this,”
“We don’t want your steward to get involved in this,”

please describe the incident in the form below.

Other forms of interference could include:

  • A manager posts a comment about SEIU online.
  • SEIU literature and decor removed from office bulletin boards or from your own workspace.
  • Management interferes with your protected Weingarten Rights in any way.