Yesterday our Unit 1 bargaining team went to the table with their state counterparts to continue their push for more equitable compensation for the work that they do. The team submitted a comprehensive list of their Special Salary Adjustments (SSA) for Unit 1 state workers, whose value to our communities is still unequal to their pay.

Unit 1 also submitted a number of other workplace safety and education justice proposals to ensure that Unit 1 workers are protected on the job and have more opportunities to enhance their skills.

As of July 15, 2019, our professional, administrative, staff and financial bargaining unit has had a total of 28 subject matter experts share what they do (and why it’s important) with state negotiators. For example, yesterday’s testimony included presentations from Environmental Planners, who prepare environmental analysis of major projects and identify potential environmental impacts of transportation systems.

Another presentation highlighted the work of our Employment Program Representatives, who help unemployed workers find jobs and employers find good matches for their job openings.

Local 1000’s Unit 1 also passed several non-SSA proposals related to workplace safety and education justice. One would require the state to provide safety protection foot and legwear for workers who spend more than 25 percent of their normal work duty out in the field. Other proposals would:

  • Update our IT JLMC to reflect our Apprenticeship program
  • Update bay area recruitment and retention pay differential to reflect new IT classes due to the recent reclass.
  • Do (Create or Develop) a TV specialist classification study.
  • Expand access for the institution worker supervision pay differential.
  • Fix EDD Determination scheduling standards.
  • Create a working group to study the California state lottery sales incentive bonus.

Unit 1’s focus on compensation equity, workplace safety and education justice for its unit members reflects a determination to fight for everyone in California, including the people who make California work every day—US.

As Susan Rodriguez, Chair of the 51,000 strong Unit 1 said, “We are the barometer of working people in communities all over California.  When we’re financially stable that helps communities all over California.”

Unit 1 returns to the table on Thursday, July 25, 2019.