Local 1000’s Unit 1 bargaining team met with state negotiators on Monday, July 29, 2019 and signed 26 tentative agreements. This includes language that continues Local 1000’s commitment to ensuring the Employment Development Department (EDD) continues to offer full-time employment to workers rather than over relying on Permanent Intermittent employment when inappropriate.

On Monday Unit 1 agreed to language that:

  • Limits the percentage of Permanent-Intermittent employees EDD is allowed to have at any one time to 20 percent of the total department work force.
  • Continues the EDD Joint Labor Management Committee, thereby addressing workload concerns and quality customer service.

The Unit 1 bargaining team attributed the heighted focus on EDD related issues to the worksite actions that took place at EDD offices across the state on July 25.

Other Tentative Agreements that were reached include:

  • A roll-over contract article that reimburses professional license fees and dues for Unit 1 Actuaries, PERS Auditors, and Property Appraisers.
  • The continuation of the Guide, Historical Monument and the Personnel and Payroll, and the Disability Determination Services Division Joint Labor Management Committees.

Unit 1 alternate vice chair Irene Green said that “In all, Monday’s bargaining session was very productive. The state appreciated our patience and we got a lot done. Now it’s time to get our members out to the rally on August 13 to stand up for a California for All.”