Local 1000’s Unit 20 bargaining team met with state negotiators for the first time today, representing the interests of our members who work as Medical and Social Services Specialists.

The team shared their diverse backgrounds and deep job experience with the state’s negotiators, describing the work they do to keep California moving forward, healthy and strong.

As our Unit 20 bargaining team presented four proposals to the state, Unit 20 members took action today supporting their bargaining team, flooding CCHCS with calls in support of the Post and Bid proposal presented today.

Today, the Unit 20 team presented:

  • A proposal to add Post and Bid scheduling for Certified Nursing Assistants, improving stability in our CNAs’ work schedule.
  • A proposal enabling counselors at Special Schools to bid for shifts and days off by seniority, recognizing their seniority and empowering them to better manage their lives.
  • A proposal empowering members at Special Schools with the ability to participate in the creation of the academic calendar through the negotiation (meet-and-confer) process.
  • A proposal reducing the down time for those working split shifts to a maximum of two hours, providing the members more flexibility in their working day.

The Unit 20 bargaining team returns to the table April 26, and will continue to address unit-specific issues that were brought forth during the bargaining town halls and from the bargaining surveys.

All this week, thousands of members—in hundreds of worksites up and down the state—purpled up and stood up to demonstrate their solidarity and support for a great contract. “We need to keep up the pressure every week as we fight for a great contract,” said Margarita Maldonado, vice president for bargaining.

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