Unit 20’s bargaining team came to the table today with a range of proposals to improve a number of themes identified by their members as priorities to ensure a better workplace and the ability to perform their work at peak efficiency.

Those proposals included:

Post and bid scheduling for Residential Care Unit Leaders at the Department of Veterans Affairs – affording them a benefit of seniority in choosing work schedules.

Language that would respect our members ability to choose their own continuing education resources to keep their licenses current. Now, some members are required to utilize department-provided education, which is not always relevant to their license, and not given the opportunity to select other training avenues, like other bargaining units.

Improved compensation in the form of increased split-shift differentials for Special Schools. Currently, they receive $70 per month – a figure that hasn’t changed since the early 90s.

To ensure that Special Schools employees can schedule their time off reasonably, Local 1000 presented the state with a “cease and desist” letter forcing them to follow our contract language covering vacation scheduling. Currently, those employees can’t schedule more than 5 consecutive days off, or plan vacations more than 90 days in the future.

Unit 20 members up and down the state in CDCR and DJJ are supporting their bargaining team at the table with information about their work hours supervising inmates. Unit 20 returns to the bargaining table on Thursday, May 5 to keep up the pressure on leaves, scheduling and compensation.

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