Today, Local 1000 returned to the negotiating table to meet with representatives from the state and continue bargaining for our new contract. The state spent the last two weeks reviewing the proposals we gave them in April – 29 Master Table proposals affecting all Local-1000 represented employees, and 50 different proposals affecting our nine individual bargaining units.

During that same time, the bargaining team took this opportunity to host six town hall and 158 worksite meetings up and down the state. They updated members and encouraged them to become active because each member is critical to successful contract fight. Before and after each town hall meeting, bargaining team members spoke one-on-one with attendees, connecting with them on a more personal level to hear their comments and answer their questions.

Today, Local 1000 members up and down the state took part in actions at JP Morgan Chase bank branches, in support of retirement security and our master table proposal that CalPERS recover investment losses stemming from illegal and unethical bank actions.

The Unit 21 bargaining team – representing Educational Consultants and Librarians – was at the table today and signed three tentative agreements that continue Joint Labor Management Committees for Archivists, Bus Driver Trainers and California Community Colleges. A total of 7 new proposals were presented to the state, including stronger language for continuing professional development and new language for pay parity.

We return to the negotiating table this Friday, May 17.

The team will spend tonight calling Contract Action Team (CAT) leaders to have them mobilize members for the “I’m All In” Rally in Sacramento on June 5.

In Solidarity,

Miguel Cordova
Unit 21 Bargaining Chair