Dear Unit 21 employee:

This morning our bargaining team met with the state to present proposals, which pertain specifically to our unit. These proposals seek to protect our existing contract language and improve our unit specific interests.

Here are the highlights of the proposals presented today:

Calls for sabbatical leaves of absence for Unit 21 employees who receive education leave for the purpose of encouraging educational development
Provides a $2,500 bonus each fiscal year to those who have obtained a Master’s degree and a minimum of 32 additional credits from an accredited college or university

In Solidarity,

Miguel Cordova
Unit 21 Bargaining Chair

Stay informed throughout the bargaining process – there are several ways for you to keep up-to-date on the latest news and information:

Our Bargaining Central web page – online at
Timely email blasts as developments occur
Regular reports from the Channel 1000 news
Call our toll-free bargaining hotline – 1-855-814-1205
Text ‘1000’ to 787753 to receive immediate text updates straight from your bargaining team