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Here’s one of the top reads for anyone in labor today: What Do Unions Do? by Richard Freeman and James L. Medoff.

It’s a “classic book” that explains how unions work to advance the working class, says Seth Harris, a professor at Northeastern University who is a top labor advisor to President Biden and an acting labor secretary under President Obama.

Hollywood Guilds Team Up With LA Labor Unions for a ‘Hot Strike Summer’

Local 1000 is one of a number of unions in California that have launched the “Hot Union Summer” as they fight to win a good contract. Many of those unions are supporting each other in the fight for a livable wage and respect from the employer.

The Wrap reports that UH11 and Hollywood unions have been marching in solidarity since the WGA strike began at the start of May, including at a citywide labor rally on May 26 outside of the California State Democratic Party’s annual meeting in downtown Los Angeles where they were joined by members of SEIU, AFSCME and other unions.

Some of California’s best-paid public employees say they’re ready to strike. Here’s why

CalMatters reports that, increasingly, state workers say salaries don’t cover basic needs with inflation and the cost of housing cutting deeply into paychecks. In July, contracts expired for the state’s two largest unions— SEIU Local 1000 and the California Correctional Peace Officers Association. They represent more than 125,000 workers, and SEIU is demanding double-digit raises. The union representing state scientists is also demanding salary increases commensurate with privately employed peers.

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