Anti-worker organizations funded by wealthy special interests are spending tens of millions of dollars to try to convince union members to drop out of the union to “give yourself a raise.”

They want us to believe that if we resign our membership, everything will stay exactly the same – even though we would have much less power to protect our wages and benefits with fewer members.

These same organizations have also spread misinformation about SEIU members’ commitment to racial justice, cynically seeking to divide working people by race instead of joining efforts to bring our country together. They know that if they can pit working people against one another, it will be harder for us to win the wages, benefits, and improvements we all need to make life better for all working people.

Let’s keep an eye out for their next act, especially when they engage in increasingly desperate and deceptive communications – it’s important to be aware.

Their Tactics and Examples:

Deceptive Communications to Member 

Most recently, anti-union groups have been resorting to using outrageously deceptive tactics to mislead, confuse, and encourage members to leave their union. Distributing fabricated “legal notices” that mimic official union documents, fake checks that appear legitimate at first glance, false “amount due” notices, and even a document promising a “credit” of thousands of dollars, contingent on completing and returning an enclosed form – are among the deceptive tactics that have been used to target SEIU members.

Example of a Fake Check: