Having a strong union means having the power to protect our rights and enforce our contract, and our online search tool allows our members easy-to-use access to the hundreds of contract articles that govern our wages, benefits, and working conditions.

Are you looking for information about vacation accrual? Rules regarding sick leave? How to take advantage of upward mobility programs in your department? The answers are just a click away at contract.seiu1000.org

This powerful tool offers users the opportunity to search by simple keywords or to read through the contract article-by-article.

Understanding and protecting our hard-earned rights is both a benefit and a responsibility we all share. And when management fails to observe our rights, our members, job stewards, and our Union Resource Center work together to ensure the contract is enforced.

Here are some examples of recent representational wins we’ve achieved for our members:

  • A Northern California EDD employee, working remotely, lost internet service and was advised by a supervisor to wait at home rather than come into the office. The next day, our member was told to post their own time or make up the two hours—against EDD’s policy. Our URC contacted labor relations and challenged the treatment of our members. The lost time was through no fault of the employee, and our position was that the two hours should be logged as time worked or ATO. EDD granted our request and our member posted two hours of ATO and received two hours of lost overtime pay.
  • One of our Bay Area DMV members was recently denied full use of a bereavement day, and instructed instead to treat the bereavement leave like a dentist appointment and return to the office after the service. Taking immediate action, our Union Resource Center first spoke with the member’s immediate supervisor, and then the office manager, neither of whom was familiar with our plain language contract provisions for bereavement leave. After being directed to DMV labor relations, management approved the bereavement leave as described in the contract. Read more about Article 8.3, Bereavement Leave

Are your contract rights being violated? Use our search tool at contract.seiu1000.org or contact our Member Resource Center MRC) at 866.471.SEIU (7348)