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Article Publication on July 21, 2023

While state workers fight for a contract that brings us the dignity and pay we deserve as public servants, another group of public servants fighting for their right to do so has taken a major step toward establishing a union of their own. Assembly Bill 1, authored by Assemblymember Tina McKinnor, would provide a framework for legislative staff to form a union. We stand in solidarity with all workers fighting for a better life for themselves, and we hope that the legislature we both serve respects their staff’s fundamental right to join and participate in a union.

SAG-AFTRA union members remain on strike alongside WGA members across America who are striking for fair treatment, updated contract rules and benefits, and better pay. Production on many shows and movies has ground to a halt since the writer’s strike began, but a coming joint walkout by actors is expected to shut down nearly all remaining filming.

As the situation continues to escalate, actions across the country are being reported in real time by the Washington Post.