Our Unit 11 bargaining team—representing Engineering and Scientific Technicians across the state—met with State negotiators for the second time, continuing to lay an important foundation that will result in better recognition for Unit 11’s represented employees.

“We’re driving home the demand for competitive wages and benefits for Unit 11,” said Brad Willis, Unit 11 Bargaining Chair. “We’re proud of the vital services we provide, but a high vacancy rate creates workloads that affect our ability to do our job.”

At today’s session, our team presented a proposal increasing the differential paid to the hundreds of Unit 11 members who hold a commercial driver’s license and use it as part of their job requirements. Article 11.41.11—the Commercial Driver’s License Differential—has not been changed since 1999. Currently, at $155, the new language calls for an increase to $300.

Five different “rollover” contract articles were also presented, representing language that remains unchanged from previous contracts. Our team and the State reached a tentative agreement on four of them:

  • 11.40.11 – Operational Availability Incentive Program – DWR
  • 13.13.11 – Professional Certification or Registration
  • 13.14.11 – Special Certification Requirements – Caltrans
  • 13.15.11 – Technician Rotation – Caltrans 

One additional article (13.10.11, Education and Training) was also submitted as a rollover, but no agreement was reached today because of the length of that article.

Unit 11 returns to the table next week, on Monday, May 1. To see updates on other bargaining unit contract sessions, please visit the Contract Action Center page at seiu1000.org

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