Our Unit 11 Bargaining Team—representing our Scientific and Engineering Technicians—came to the table and continued their work to advance the wages and working conditions of our represented employees.

And still, the work is largely one-sided. Unit 11 presented six proposals that, as before, are received by State negotiators with little comment and no substantive response.

“We’ve presented a number of significant proposals and the State is stonewalling us,” said Unit 11 Chair Brad Willis. “We don’t feel this is a bilateral effort, that the State is just going through the motions.”

16 proposals—some stretching back six weeks—remain unanswered. And we’ve reminded the State on numerous occasions of our interest in reaching agreements.

“Today we told the State we’re ready and available to meet at any time, but we need the State to engage,” Willis added. “We need engagement; we need responses to our proposals.”

We’re keeping our part of the deal: today, Unit 11 presented six proposals, several of which were economic. This includes contract section 11.44.11 significantly increases a “long-term differential” paid to Unit 11 to cover lodging and meal expenses incurred when working off-site for extended periods of time. It’s a differential that hasn’t been updated in 20+ years.

We’re presenting stronger language (impacting TETs and Water Resource Technician 2s) that increases differential pay and broadens the degree and certification qualifications that would allow our represented employees to earn these differentials. The current language has not been updated since 2002.

Unit 11 is in the back-and-forth process of three previous presentations. We’re working to refine the language and reach an agreement with the State on 5.15.11 (JLMC); 12.20.11 (pest control license differential); and 13.31.11 (20/20 program). Each is important to our represented employees, as identified through input gained from town halls and bargaining surveys, and the fight continues.

You can read the details of these and all current contract articles at contract.seiu1000.org

Unit 11 will return to the table on Monday, June 12, and stands ready to meet with the State’s team at any time. To see updates on other bargaining unit contract sessions, please visit the Contract Action Center page at seiu1000.org

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