Recognition of the working conditions and pay gaps facing the Scientific and Engineering Technicians continues to be a priority for our Unit 11 bargaining team, and today, we made a number of proposals that underscore our commitment to rewarding our represented employees in the face of a growing vacancy rate and the resultant workload pressures.

Today, we proposed Special Salary Adjustments (Article 11.1.11) for numerous classifications, notable among them: Transportation Engineering Technicians (TETs), Laboratory Assistants, the Water Resource Technician series, and Plant Quarantine Inspectors.

Fair treatment of our Unit 11 Water Resource Technician series and our TETs are two of our longest-standing battles, a priority in every contract campaign since 2002.

A cadre of Unit 11 members were on hand at today’s session to act as Subject Matter Experts in support of the significant pay raises we’re demanding: Greg Dixon, Arvin Lau, Mitch Miller, Albert Manfredini, Anne Hudson, Tammy Howze, and Aruna Abeygooneskera.

“The State is ignoring a growing problem in many key classifications,” said team member Albert Manfredini. “We’re losing employees who are changing jobs for better pay and more reasonable workloads.”

We proposed stronger language to increase the diving pay differential for TET workers who work underwater in often dangerous conditions.

You can read the details of these and all current contract articles at

Ten different Unit 11 proposals remain unanswered by the state. “CalHR isn’t doing their share to move our negotiation forward,” said Unit 11 Chair Brad Willis. “Worse still, they’re not forthcoming why the delays continue.”

No bargaining is scheduled for next Monday, May 29 (Memorial Day). Unit 11 will return to the table in two weeks, on Monday, June 5. To see updates on other bargaining unit contract sessions, please visit the Contract Action Center page at

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