The Unit 14 bargaining team took a different approach to their contract negotiation with the State by meeting on-site at the Office of State Publishing (OSP) with representatives from CalHR and the Department of Finance along with several other individuals from the State team.

The team proceeded to lead the group on a tour of the facility, explaining the equipment utilized at the OSP, the classification and individuals operating the equipment—what they do, how it fits together, and how the team is instrumental in creating the finished product. Unit 14 members who participated in the tour include:

  • Robert Vega, Printing Process and Operations Planner
  • Howard Hall, Webfed Offset Press Operator III
  • Edward Page, Printing Process and Operations Planner
  • Sam Rice, Senior Union Representative

The State’s team was appreciative of the tour and responsive to the conditions unit 14 members work in and the product they produce. The state representatives were able to see items come off the press as well as folded and bound finished pamphlets and informational guides and followed up with numerous questions. Later in the afternoon, Unit 14 chair Robert Vega and the team met with the State and submitted one proposal:=

11.1.14 – Special Salary Adjustment (Unit 14)

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The Unit 14 team was joined by five subject matter experts who are not currently members of the Unit 14 Bargaining Unit Negotiating Committee (BUNC), and together the team submitted a proposal for a 5% across-the-board raise for all classifications in Unit 14. This would be in addition to any general salary increase Local 1000 workers hope to receive as a whole. The Bargaining Unit Subject Matter Experts for this contract are:

  • Jeff Fowler, Graphic Designer III
  • Britton Sarmento, Digital Composition Specialist III
  • Ramone Romero, Book Binder IV
  • Jean Pierre Correa, Sheetfed Offset Press Operator V
  • Howard Hall, Webfed Offset Press Operator III
  • Jason Hettrick, Printing Plant Machinist
  • Mitchel Gamez, Printing Trade Specialist Trainee
  • Edward Page, Printing Process and Operations Planner

The rationale behind the proposal is based on the fact that Unit 14 personnel were required to work in-person throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition, recruitment and retention continue to be problematic due to low wages, leading to high vacancy rates. Several members of the team also shared their experiences, from having to work overtime to make up the difference for unfilled staff positions to having to work second jobs to pay their rent.

“We want to thank the OSP personnel who stepped up to make the facility presentation such a success,” said Unit 14 chair Vega. “The tour set the stage for our subject matter experts. Afterward, the state was able to directly correlate between what we do and what we’re asking for.”

“The value, dedication, and loyalty that we provide to the state was on full display today,” added Ed Page, a Print Processing and Operations Planner at OSP. “The people who work here are because they want to be here. We take pride in our jobs, the work we perform, and our ability to rise above the unforeseen obstacles that have stood in our way. But we also feel like we deserve to be paid for that loyalty and the hardships we’ve overcome.”

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