We’re reporting some good progress today at the Unit 3 bargaining table. Our Professional Educators and Librarians will benefit from the agreements we reached today, and we hope to continue those advances with some new proposals.

“In every case, we’re focused on the working conditions of our represented employees and their professional status,” said Unit 3 Chair Bob Holtz. “We are working collaboratively with the State to ensure situations that provide good outcomes for both parties.”

We reached tentative agreement with the State on three contract sections:

We rolled over section 21.16.3 – Professional Responsibility, protecting existing rights.

We added new language to 19.1.3 – Hours of Work. It’s a big win for Unit 3 because it adds language that allows the possibility of time off during student contact hours. This is an opportunity to achieve a greater work/life balance that the contract didn’t afford us before.

We also added new protections for our represented employees at the State Special Schools. We agreed on 22.1.3 – Discipline and Discharge. New language compels management to provide reasonable accommodations during representational discussions. The current contract ensures members who have needs for communications assistance—ASL interpreters for example—will receive that support during potential disciplinary discussions.

In addition, Unit 3 presented stronger language in two current contract articles:

We’re proposing that section 21.14.3 – Non-Instructional/Teacher Preparation Time – would specify a one-hour block of uninterrupted prep time for Unit 3.

New language in section 21.11.3 – Class Size – calls for an advisory committee to develop appropriate class sizes for all students served by our Unit 3 workers. As always, our goal is to ensure best practices to better serve students in a diverse population and create the best possible outcomes.

You can read the details of these and all current contract articles at contract.seiu1000.org

Unit 3’s next meeting with the State is Tuesday, June 13. To read about what happened in our other bargaining sessions, please visit the Contract Action Center page at seiu1000.org

There’s real truth to the Local 1000 slogan, Stronger Together. We only win a great contract with a strong Local 1000 membership. So, if you’re not already a member, we encourage you to join us today.

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