Bargaining Unit 4 continued to negotiate with representatives from the State this week, with a focus on the need for consistent and fair treatment for workers across the state.

“We are disappointed with the lack of movement on the State’s part, but we’re pushing ahead and addressing their questions and trying to make our member’s needs heard,” said Karen Jefferies, Unit 4 Chair. “Our members have made very specific demands, which need to be respected.”

The State faces a lot of inefficiencies in its workforce, especially without strong universal standards across workplaces. The State can solve these issues at the table through negotiations with Unit 4 when they come to the table with solutions in mind.

“We took time to explain and go into detail on our members needs on the issues at the table today,” said Jose Eric Alcarez, Unit 4 Alt-Vice Chair. “We are focused on the changes our members have called for, and we’re demonstrating in detail the importance of these issues while we’re at the table.

BU 4 passed the following new language proposal to the State:

  •  5.XX.4 – JLMC DMV (Unit 4)

We are looking for consistency statewide within DMV to maintain fairness for all of our members. This impacts our workers and the public they serve. We need to send a consistent message to Californians, not regional variations that confuse the public and frustrate employees.

“We’ve had this JLMC for well over eight years informally, and we have stated this over the table several times,” said Tom Krieger Unit 4 Vice Chair. “The State is willing to include this provision, so we hope to see a tentative agreement reached on this issue soon. It benefits both workers and the state.”

Additionally, the bargaining team proposed the following rollover sections to the State:

  • 11.67.4 – Department of Transportation (Caltrans) Toll Collectors’ Night Shift
  • 19.9.4 – Exchange of Time Off – Multi-Shift Operations
  • 19.13.4 – Overtime Assignments for Work Week Group 2 (WWG 2) Employees
  • 20.13.4 – Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) – Motor Vehicle Representative Permanent Intermittent

This rollover language includes language that protects Permanent Intermittent employees and provides opportunities for them to become permanent employees. This established a path for a strong retirement for workers and increasing employee retention, a long-standing issue, for the State.

11 sections remain where we have made a proposal and are waiting for a response. With our contract expiration date approaching, the State knows that time is running out. We have not received any TAs this session.

“What we’re asking for, especially with the JLMC, is not unreasonable,” said Jefferies. “We’re asking the State to come to the table with DMV decision makers prepared to address these issues.”

Unit 4 returns to the table next week, on Tuesday, May 30th. To see updates on other bargaining unit contract sessions, please visit the Contract Action Center page at

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