We’ve launched an exciting project at Union headquarters, one that will increase the value of our real estate investment, and fully realize the potential of a meeting space that can be used by Local 1000 and the community at large.

I’m talking about the repair and restoration of the one-story building on our property. As we examined the condition of the building, we discovered that it’s a beautiful brick structure that was likely built in the same era as many other brick buildings that surround our offices.

The decision to invest your hard-earned dues to create a beautiful space that belongs in our neighborhood is a testament to the leadership of the Local 1000 Board of Directors. After a thorough review and debate of the issue, they approved the investment.

Our Board made a bold move in 2015 to buy the city block that houses our offices, just before the downtown boom brought on by the building of the Golden 1 arena. That vision has already paid dividends: the cost of acquisition was cheaper than rent and the value of the property increased.

We rely a lot on the leadership of our Board members to advance the interests of the 96,000 state workers we represent. In September, we announced that the Board had voted to make some historic changes in Local 1000 governance, after a year-long effort.

Our goal is to rebuild your trust and confidence in us.

For the first time in Local 1000’s history, our governance has a true division of power, with a never-before level of accountability. This new structure includes checks and balances that ensure the performance of our elected leaders and increases the success of our programs and initiatives.

We’ve created new regional officer positions that ensure that your voices and issues are better represented. It’s just one of a number of sweeping changes, an evolution in Local leadership. Some have already come into effect. The changes in the governance structure will go into effect around June 30, with the installation of elected leaders after our statewide election in the first half of 2024.

I encourage you to read more about the changes in the Local 1000 governance structure here.

These are bold and important changes. I’m proud to be part of a Board of Directors who

stepped up to embrace these necessary changes. They were focused, thoughtful, and demonstrated the leadership we need to improve our service to state workers.





William (Bill) Hall
Board Chair, SEIU Local 1000