We continue to be busy at SEIU Local 1000 working for social, economic, and environmental justice. I’m pleased to report on the following developments:

Building Membership at Local 1000

  • As we head into the summer months, SEIU Local 1000 continues to prioritize building our membership. Our IT Department’s Data Services Group has developed the data tool “Outreach” so that digital non-member lists can automatically be used by staff, authorized DLC Presidents, and Chief Stewards participating in our official URC recruitment program. After touching base with the IT Department last week, we established a time line of mid-June for a beta test period, and have identified key people to field test our program before a wider roll out. 
  • I also met with Local 1000’s Director of Human Resources and discussed developing sustainable strategies for an ongoing membership engagement and recruitment campaign.

June Board Meeting and Policy File Training

  • Staff has been deeply involved in prep work leading up to our June Board of Directors meeting, covering everything from preparing the agenda package to coordinating meeting details. 
  • Board members have expressed interest in receiving an updated training on the Bylaws and Policy File changes. So, with the help of Local 1000’s Chief Counsel, we’re planning an hour-long governance training for the next Board of Directors meeting that will highlight updates in current policies and practices. 
  • This training is in addition to the more extensive parliamentary training by an official parliamentarian that will also occur at the June Board of Director’s (BOD) meeting. The parliamentary training is expected to last about three hours and will explain in detail the different procedures used in Roberts Rules of Order, which apply to our meeting process.

Meeting on Organizing and Representation

  • Last week I met with Local 1000’s Vice President for Organizing / Representation, Anica Walls, and we continue to work on the planning and development of our Wednesday Member off Program. 

Meeting w/ Chief Financial Officer

  • I also met with our CFO on a number of different topics including an independent audit and a general costing of our Wednesday Member off Program. We also covered budget prep for the June BOD meeting and possible uses for Local 1000’s one story building in Sacramento.

Straight Talk

  • And be sure to join us next Wednesday night at 6:30 for Straight Talk, our Wednesday evening call-in program. Our guest will be Tia Orr, Director of Government Affairs at SEIU California, who will be speaking on “The Power and Importance of Politics to SEIU and Local 1000.”

Thank you for your support.





William (Bill) Hall
Board Chair, SEIU Local 1000