Early Saturday morning, the Local 1000 bargaining team reached an overall tentative agreement with the state.

“This agreement reflects our best efforts to respond to the priorities our members identified in town halls and bargaining surveys,” said Irene Green, Local 1000 Vice President of Bargaining. “In many ways, we’ve been able to achieve the respect, the protection, and the pay that we’ve been fighting for.”

Details of the agreement—pay increases, changes in working conditions, and benefits—will be released as our bargaining team works to assemble literally hundreds of individual agreements and prepares for presenting the tentative agreement to the membership for ratification.

Look for bargaining updates over the next handful of days with details on economics and other key provisions of the new deal. You can also find them posted on our Contract Action Center page.

What happens next?

To become a contract, our tentative agreement must go through a number of steps in order to become law and the document that governs our working relationship with the state. We’ve described the process, below, but firm dates for these steps won’t be finalized for a few days.

Over the next few days, our bargaining team will assemble the hundreds of contract sections we’ve reached agreement on, and create a document for final review by the 60+ members of our Statewide Bargaining Advisory Council (SBAC).

Next, the SBAC will meet in an emergency session to review the tentative agreement and vote on their approval to send it to the membership for ratification.

Ratification voting will take place after SBAC’s approval. Immediately thereafter, votes are counted and, if the membership ratifies the tentative agreement, it moves to the California legislature, where it’s reviewed, voted on, and then sent to the Governor for his signature.

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