Thursday’s Master Table bargaining session was productive, as the State showed some signs of movement. We reached agreement on 11 different contract sections and side letters and will return to the table today (Friday) as well as this weekend.

There’s a theme to many of Thursday’s agreements that govern and protect our ability to do the work of the union in and out of the workplace. They are “core” rights that allow us to meet with, organize, and represent our members. These rollover agreements preserve our rights in this area.

  • 2.1 – Union Representatives
  • 2.5 – Use of State Facilities
  • 2.6 – Steward Time Off
  • 2.7 – Employee Time Off
  • 2.8 – Union Steward Protection
  • 2.9 – Union Information Packets
  • 2.10 – Orientation
  • 2.11 – Bargaining Unit Negotiating Committee Member Time Off
  • 3.2 – Release of Home Addresses: Non-Law Enforcement Employees
  • Side Letter #4 – Access Agreement
  • Side Letter #12 – Public Employee Communication

You can read more about this and all of our current contract sections in our online, mobile-friendly search tool.

We’ll be back at the master table this weekend, August 12 and 13. Unit-specific bargaining sessions are being scheduled on a day-to-day basis. When there’s activity at the table, we’ll email and post the results, often on the same day. Click here to read all the recaps of bargaining activity.

It’s important that we all step up to support the efforts of the bargaining team. Across the state, we’re escalating our actions to make our demand to be respected, protected, and paid more visible – and more impactful.

On Wednesday, August 16, Local 1000 members are taking emergency action to demand living wages.

It’s unacceptable that state employee wages are so low that we can’t afford to live in California.

We provide the essential services that keep our state running. We are not backing down until we win the livable wages our families need.

Time is running out. The State of California must act now to pay its essential state workers for the important work we do. Join union members and community allies to demand livable wages NOW.

When:     Wednesday, August 16, 2023
Time:      12:00 Noon – 2:00 p.m. Lunch will be provided. 
Where:   Capitol Annex Swing Space, 1021 O St, Sacramento, CA 95814


Can’t join us in Sacramento? Check here for other pickets and actions organized by members across California.