Today, our master table bargaining team recorded two tentative agreements that preserve previously-established rights from past contract campaigns.

Our tentative agreement on section 9.2 – Dental Benefit (Excludes Unit 17) continues to preserve the contributions the State makes towards our coverage for eligible employees and their dependents.

We also reached an agreement on 12.14 – Professional Dues (Excludes Units 17 and 21). This provides reimbursement for membership dues in professional societies or associations.

Also today, our master table bargaining team and the State exchanged a number of proposals and counterproposals. We will continue our work to advance our members and to resolve outstanding proposals, including those affecting our pay, our working conditions, and our benefits.

As you know, we have not yet reached an overall tentative agreement on a new contract with the State. Remember, our rights are still protected under the terms of our previous contract, which expired on June 30.

Unit-specific bargaining, along with negotiations at the master table, are being scheduled on a day-to-day basis. When there’s activity at the table, we’ll email and post the results, often on the same day. Stay informed with all the bargaining news at our Contract Action Central web page.