2021 Year in Review: Transparency and Openness a Hallmark of Richard Louis Brown’s Presidency


Under the leadership of President Richard Louis Brown, Local 1000 has become a more transparent labor union, fulfilling a key portion of his 10-point campaign platform as part of his commitment to all 100,000 of the employees we represent.

Here are some examples of what has, and is, being done to make Local 1000 more transparent:

A fully open website: On his first day in office, President Brown removed the member-only access and made every page accessible to everyone.

A more comprehensive website: On seiu1000.org, you’ll see new pages like “For the Record,” that tells the truth about the progress we’ve made in protecting your rights and the real story about those who attack our leadership. There’s also a fully-searchable Statewide DLC Map, which helps inform you about your District Labor Council and how to contact your DLC’s elected leaders and the Job Stewards who are on the front lines of contract enforcement.

Transparent, live-streamed union meetings: All key meetings, including the Local 1000 Board of Directors and the Statewide Bargaining Advisory Council (SBAC), are live streamed via Facebook and YouTube and archived for viewing anytime on Facebook, YouTube, or at seiu1000.org.

Open communication with represented employees: Every Wednesday night, President Brown presents an unscripted, unedited, and unrehearsed audio/video conversation called “Local 1000 Listens to You.” Each evening features a combination of informative PowerPoint presentations about Local 1000 as well as a Q & A session with our duly-elected leader. You can watch them live on Facebook and YouTube, and they’re all archived at seiu1000.org, along with each week’s PowerPoint presentation. Also, Vice President for Organizing / Representation Anica Walls hosts “Speak on It,” a weekly conversation every Tuesday night amongst our growing population of Job Stewards.

Financial transparency online: President Brown has posted more than a decade’s worth of IRS Form 990s – our annual financial filing. Also, with full disclosure, he’s posted the credit card statements for all statewide officers, from the current and past administrations.

Our new, expanded, and transparent efforts to show all represented employees the information they need about Local 1000 empowers us all and creates a stronger labor union.