Unit 11 Bargaining Update for Thursday, July 25, 2019
Unit 11 Continues Push for Differentials to Ensure its Unit Members Receive Fair Pay


On Thursday, July 25, 2019 Unit 11’s bargaining team went back to the negotiation table with the state to continue their pursuit of fair pay for Unit 11 members.    

The team brought a number of differential proposals to the table on Thursday that would compensate Unit 11 workers for the critical jobs skills they use on a daily basis that aren’t sufficiently valued by the state. These include:

  • A Diving Pay differential for Unit 11 workers who do work underwater.
  • A differential for Unit 11 workers who perform duties directly related to water treatment.
  • An increase in the differential for holding a Commercial Driver’s License.
  • An Unmanned Aerial System differential that would provide additional money for Unit 11 workers who are responsible for the oversite of drones in the state.
  • A new differential for Plant Quarantine Inspectors who are shift leads and are expected to perform supervisory duties.
  • An increase in the education and construction differentials for two classes of Engineering Technicians.
  • A Safety Footwear Reimbursement proposal that would provide unit employees who work in the field more money for the boots they are required to buy for their job.

According to Brad Willis, the Unit 11 chair, the team “presented a number of significant proposals for members who do most of their work outside of the office and in our communities. We want them to be paid fairly for what they do. Now our folks need to stay active at their worksites so we can win a great contract.”

Unit 11 returns to the bargaining table on Monday, July 29, 2019.