Unit 15 Statewide CDCR Food Service JLMC Meeting
Update from March 22 Meeting


On Tuesday, March 22, 2022, our Union’s Bargaining Unit 15 Statewide CDCR Food Service JLMC had its first meeting with CalHR, CDCR and CDCR-CCHCS to address issues CDCR and CDCR-CCHCS Food Service Workers are experiencing across the state. We covered the following issues:

  • Recruitment and Retention
  • Cross Covering
  • Overtime distribution, both voluntary and mandatory

This was the first CDCR Food Service JLMC meeting in several years and is one of several to be scheduled throughout 2022 where groundwork was laid to make positive change for CSCs. The Director of CDCR Food Service is in agreement that CSCs are short staffed and CDCR needs to do better with recruitment and retention in comparison with the private sector.

“This is the first time that CDCR has brought the right people to the table to understand the needs of the Correctional Supervising Cooks.” ~ Garth Underwood, Chair of the CDCR Food Service JLMC.

We need input from CSCs across the state to address issues with cross covering and overtime distribution both mandated and voluntary. Please contact your Unit 15 inbox with your concerns by emailing unit15@seiu1000.org

The CDCR Food Service JLMC team is led by Garth Underwood along with Brent Andrews, AshleyMarie Bermudez, Charity Regalado, and Kevin Quaife. To learn more about your CDCR Food Service JLMC Team click here.