SEIU Local 1000 Apprenticeship Program Continues Expansion


For workers looking to build on their careers in the public sector, the challenge of developing their skills can be daunting. Meeting the qualifications that ensure state workers are prepared to serve the people of California and secure promotions is sometimes a difficult task, but SEIU Local 1000’s Apprenticeship Programs help make this career growth and upward mobility possible.

Traditionally, the term “apprenticeship” has applied to trade jobs, like carpentry or sheet metal workers. Local 1000 has created ground-breaking apprenticeships in non-traditional industries like health care, financial services, and information technology, and is currently working to expand into other areas.

Apprenticeships couple on-the-job training with related study and instruction in order to increase workers’ skills and makes them more competitive in the job market. Apprenticeships allow workers to continue to receive their full-pay while training for new careers which helps avoid financial barriers that would otherwise prevent them from attaining education and new skills.

Today, Local 1000 is offering apprenticeships in the following areas. Use the links to learn more about each opportunity.

LVN-to-RN Apprenticeship Program – the first public sector nursing apprenticeship offering upward mobility to Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVNs).

Financial Services Apprenticeship Program – the first public sector financial services apprenticeship program with concentrations in auditing and accounting.

Information Technology Apprenticeship Program – the first public sector IT apprenticeship with concentrations in networking, helpdesk/client services, cybersecurity, and mainframe computing technology.

For additional details about SEIU Local 1000 Apprenticeships and how to apply please visit