In their second week of unit-specific negotiations, the Unit 3 Bargaining Team met with the State today to move items that demand additional respect for the professional status of the Professional Educators and Librarians we represent, along with economic improvements.

Key among today’s proposals was a modification of Article 25.13.3 – which governs salaries of Academic Teachers and Vocational Instructors at CDCR. Our proposed changes include a single salary schedule that doesn’t differentiate between institutions in the “north” and “south” of the state; and inclusion of prison librarians on the same schedule.

“These changes are our demand for professional respect,” said Bob Holtz, Unit 3 Chair. “Whether it’s lifting up librarians, having the vocational instructors recognized for their experience, or paying a classification the same wage regardless of where the work is performed. This, too, will help to alleviate the recruitment and retention problems we face.”

Proposed changes in two more contract articles further respect and reinforce the professional status of the Unit 3 employees:

  • Article 25.2.3 – CDCR, OCE Additional Instructional Assignments 
  • Article 19.1.3 – Hours of Work

“Here, our demand is that we are recognized as exempt employees; that our 8-hour days/40-hour weeks, and our job descriptions are our ‘work product’ and that managers and supervisors can’t make additional assignments without additional pay for that work,” explained Holtz.

The team also worked to strengthen and streamline the language in two articles that govern the review process (Articles 21.16.3 and 13.6.3).

Unit 3’s team reached tentative agreement with the State on three existing contract articles that preserve our hard-earned rights.

  • Article 15.4.3 – Employee Opportunity Transfer
  • Article 25.9.3 – Teacher Service Credit
  • Article 21.17.3 -Recognition of Authorship 

You can review each of our current contract articles online at

Unit 3’s next meeting with the State to win a contract that Respects Us, Protects Us, and Pays Us is set for May 2. To read about what happened in Tuesday’s other bargaining sessions, please visit the Contract Action Center page at

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